The Flirting 50’s

Sometimes when I talk with my friends about my latest crush or fling, or hear about theirs, I feel a little silly and childish because of how we discuss them. Some we nickname, some we bash, and some we brag about. It’s all in good fun and it’s just what girls do. Let girls be girls! Amen.

Well Amen until you hear your mom and her three girlfriends discussing the same things, and then your amen quickly turns into the Twilight Zone. When I first experienced this I was surprised and uncomfortable because it scarily reminded me of my friends and I thought that just couldn’t be possible. My mother and her friends are women, have lived through all kinds of things I can’t even begin to understand yet, and have kids and even grandkids. They are definitely not like us. They are cougars while we are mere cubs. But could it be, females are still silly and girly at any age? Even in their 50’s-60’s? Apparently so.

As the gossip and “boytalk” went on I became more comfortable and even entertained by what I was hearing. At that point it was actually fun and I was happy to contribute. My favorite was the nicknames they created. I couldn’t believe that these ladies were so creative. They referred to one guy as “Milton Bradley” because his real name sounds incredibly similar. I have to say, they are much nicer with their nicknames than we are. We go straight for “Toolbox” or “Douchebag” and are not as clever…or mature.

Once we moved past the nicknames, they started asking me to offer advice to one of the ladies in the group who has trouble interpreting what guys say and mean. I still have not mastered that and was even more taken aback that with all of their years of experience they had on me, they STILL had not figured it out and STILL take part in silly games and jumping to conclusions. She admitted she deleted a guy from her phone because he canceled a date due to a cold. He was obviously seeing someone else, that must be the reason, she thought because no cold is that bad that it garners cancellation.

Yes, most guys have a rotation of sorts but hello? How did you even get there from a cold?! Is it because our standards change as we get older? Does our tolerance completely disappear? There is definitely something to be said about someone who knows what they want and accepts nothing less. Probably a good lesson for us all. However, be REALISTIC about it. A cold could mean a variety of things, not necessarily that the poor guy is seeing someone else. He may actually have a cold and not want to be sniffly and snotty and groggy on a first date. He may just want to make a good first impression. Who knows. Regardless, it still blows my mind that no matter how old we get, how much experience we have, we as women will NEVER completely understand men and they will certainly never understand us. Men are from Mars, women are from Venus and that is that.

2 thoughts on “The Flirting 50’s

  1. Guys do the nickname thing too. And trust me, they are baaaad nicknames – generally shared in the privacy of a close circle of guy friends. I try not to do that myself, in the fear of actually calling someone by that name by accident:

    ‘Wait, WHAT did you just call me?!’

    ‘Uh. I meant…um…’

    The problem with dating someone initially (or even just meeting up with them) is that it really has to be firing on all cylinders at first. I definitely don’t want a girl’s first perception of me as ‘Ol Sniffly Joe’ or ‘Bad Haircut Dave’. So — I’ve cancelled for some pretty petty reasons that had nothing to do with my harem of girls I keep in my apartment. 🙂

    Once you start dating seriously, then you can show off your flaws. Ha,ha.

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