Holiday Series Part 3: I’ll Be Home For Christmas

A Very Golden Christmaskah

Whoever said that this is “the most wonderful time of the year” should have also included that it is the most hectic time as well.  I’m beat and still have New Year’s Eve to get through!

Ever since I left the nest for college, I have always come back for the holidays.  I usually come back for about 12-20 days depending on how long I have off, and can’t wait to spend the time relaxing with family, eating, watching holiday movies, catching up on sleep and listening to Christmas music.    However, although my traditions haven’t changed at all, my accommodations certainly have, as well as who’s involved in the festivities.

This year I have had the pleasure of sharing a bed with my mother since her apartment does not have a guest room for me and I can’t stay at my dad’s because my bedroom furniture has become my mom’s.  So it’s share a bed, or set up shop on the couch.  Well I tried the sharing thing, but in typical only child fashion, I moved to the couch so I would have my own space and hopefully more sleep.  But to my dismay, I’ve had just about the same few hours of sleep every night regardless of the location due to my mom’s new foo foo pup, Baci, and his big brother Harley waking us up at 8AM everyday needing attention and to go outside.  I hope for your sake you are not in fact in my shoes and have your own room, personal space, and drawers to unpack your things in.  I also hope you have your own bathroom.  Let’s just say I have taken over the “his” sink in my mom’s his and hers bathroom.

Then there’s the friends and family members you’re responsible for seeing at some point during your trip, however long it may be.  But again, if you’re like me and are sans car when you go home, this can be extremely difficult to maneuver because you are at the mercy of those with cars and on their schedule.  It feels like a loss of independence almost, and an urgency to make the most of my time.  My dad keeps saying ‘Tempus fugit, Jen.”  Yes, time flies along with any chance for relaxation.

But the best part of being home is reverting back to childhood.  I wake up to a cup of coffee at noon, haven’t paid for a single meal or movie ticket, my laundry has been done for me and dinners cooked for me too.  I’m babied and it’s wonderful.  I’ve been in a constant food coma, spent a lot of time in my Christmas pjs, and perfected the game of catch with the new family dogs.  My dad calls me Monkey Child and tells me to be careful when going out at night.  My mom even offered to help me complete the work I’ve had to do while home in Miami just as if it were homework I needed to turn in in high school.

Although going home is never the tranquil vacation I envision, I’ve definitely put in a lot of quality family and friend time, making it really “the most wonderful time of the year” and reminding me why spending hundreds of dollars on a flight is worth every penny.  Now can someone please tell me when the most relaxing time of the year is??

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