It’s called a phase for a reason folks

When you first start dating someone, you do everything you can to impress them.  You put effort into what you wear when around them, douse yourself in perfume or cologne, put on make up, get a haircut, and make sure to have gum handy at all times.  You have butterflies before you see the person.  You wonder if you look alright or should have thrown on something else.  You laugh at things you don’t necessarily think are funny.  You ignore things that usually drive you bananas.  You are basically on your best behavior, and let’s face it, not yourself.  Well at least not completely.

Once you’ve been on multiple dates, maybe even sleepovers, and the person has seen you looking a little bit less than stellar, things start to change.  You’re slightly more lax with your appearance.  Personal stories and experiences begin to surface.  Opinions are revealed. Your actual personality seeps out and there’s no turning back.

Since you’re much closer now and spend boat loads of time together, the more humanly qualities appear.  Come on people, who are you fooling?  We all have the same bodily functions, some more than others, but nonetheless the same.  The first time a sound is made or someone is in the bathroom for longer than your standard pee, it’s a little uncomfortable and most likely awkward.  But once it’s happened, you can finally let loose and maybe even discuss it.  Couples talk about it, you know it’s true.  And then BAM.  The honeymoon phase is over.  Thank you for playing, hope to see you again real soon.

Now, if you still enjoy each others company once the truth comes out, more power to you.  You really do like each other.  Yay!  But why on earth does it take so freaking long to get to the real you?  I get it, you want to impress this person so you do the things you believe will impress them.  You hold back until you get comfortable enough and secure enough in the relationship to let it all out.  Some people don’t even get to that point where they can fully be themselves.  Hello?  Isn’t this all a huge waste of time?  It’s cute and all but you’re leading someone to believe you’re not who you really are just to wind up getting to that point anyway further down the road and realizing you may not even like the person.  You just got used to spending time with them and have included them in your life to where it is almost natural and usual.  Now how do you escape?  Most people don’t.  They stick because it’s comfortable and now come to be what they know as normal.  Yikes.  So I say, just say NO to the honeymoon phase!  Be yourself right off the bat.  Bring out the red flannel pjs if they are your favorite!  If you have a hard time with that, you clearly think the real you is not all that spectacular and should probably do some soul searching before getting into any kind of relationship.  Just a thought.  Otherwise, you’re just two people sitting together on a couch who fart.  Might as well do it with someone you like.

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