Eyes up here, thanks.

Have you noticed that over the years you’ve been seeing a lot more of people’s eyelids?  Way back when, you’d never see a guy’s eyelids unless they were sleeping or for those females out there, if they were staring at your chest.  You’d see a female’s eyelids because she uses eye shadow and other eye makeup.  But now, you almost see more lids than actual eyes because everyone is staring down…at their cell phone.

I am definitely part of this group.  I literally walk around emailing, texting, bbming, tweeting, and Facebooking.  It’s amazing I haven’t been hit by a car or walk right into a pole.  That’s how often I look down at my phone.  Forget about texting and driving being a hazard to everyone’s safety; texting and walking is just as harmful!  I like to think of myself as a great multitasker, however I could realistically respond when I am no longer moving about.

That goes for social interactions as well.  How many times have you sat at a table where everyone’s cell phones are placed somewhere near their silverware?  Last time I checked, you don’t need a cell phone to eat.  And the worst is when someone actually answers the phone at the table.  Unless it’s an emergency, real crisis, or a business lunch, it just shouldn’t happen.   Or how about when someone is texting with someone else while hanging out with you?  Um hey, how about what’s going on here rather than over there?  Be present!  This was one of my New Year’s resolutions and I haven’t done a great job of curbing my texting habits, but I am trying.  I also tend to text if I see the person I’m with is doing it because then it feels less rude since they are already being rude.  Work-related things are excusable but anything other than that can wait.

I’ve become so socially dependent on my phone through texting and emails that when the phone actually rings I get scared.  Having an actual conversation gives me anxiety because I have to think quickly and there might even be some awkward silence, oh my!

I am going to change my ways now, before it’s too late and I become incapable of real life conversation.  I vow to disconnect during meals, driving and walking for that matter, and plans with friends and family.  Who’s with me?

One thought on “Eyes up here, thanks.

  1. I can’t stand phones at an eating table. Phones should not be placed on a table. Nor should calls be taken at a table. If a call comes in that must be taken, excuse yourself from the table.

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