Spa Saturday

On my continued search for all things fun, I decided that after a fairly rough week at work I would attempt to create an at-home spa environment as another attempt at evoking those feelings you would have while on vacation.

I did it all.  Leisurely bath not without lavender salt scrub, followed by my Ahava Dead Sea face mask that I carted all the way back from Israel, candles lit and jazz music to put the cherry on the Sunday.

Voila!  Relaxation.  However, this was still spa-adjacent and definitely a far cry from the real thing.  When considering my spa-ptions, Burke Williams or one of those fancy hotel spas are way out of my price range.  But relentless as I am, I would not let this go and needed my day.  So I got creative.

I went down to SoRo, that’s South Robertson for those that don’t know, and began to shop-hop.   The street is lined with a series of nail and hair salons, cafes, and more.  I may not be able to afford the fancy spa day I dream of, but I can definitely afford to get the services I want at a few different places.  I found a nail place, JB Nails, that offered a manicure and pedicure for $22.99 and eyebrow waxing for $10.  Perfect!  An hour and 20 pink fingers and toes later, I walked a block down and hit the jackpot when I found a massage place with services starting at $25 an hour.  I’m almost reluctant to tell people about this place because it was really such a find that it would be horrible if it became too busy to walk-in.  It’s called JB Natural Foot Massage and it was amaaaazing.  Possibly the same owner as the nail salon, but who cares!  For a measly $25, you lay on one of five reclining massage chairs in a dim relaxing room with flat screens on the walls showing a looped luxurious travel destination video, all while peaceful spa music is playing and someone is focusing on your head, neck, back, and legs.  I mean, WOW.  And it’s only another $20 to add 15 more minutes of bliss.  Once I was thoroughly relaxed, I walked over to the nearby Paddington’s Tea Room for afternoon tea and crust-less sandwiches.  This is the life, and all for a fraction of what a le fance spa would cost.

After my lovely day, the only thing left to do was to see Eat Pray Love.  So I did, and I L-O-V-E-D loved it.  I may not be able to travel to Italy, India, and Indonesia this year, but I sure as hell can do my best to pretend!

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