JTJ: Music to Free Your Soul and Wallet

I find myself to be quite the little music aficionado frequenting live shows, constantly listening to Pandora, and always on the look out for new musical gems.  In the spirit of deals, I will add that Pandora is probably my number one way to discover new music being that it suggests similar artists or songs to the ones you already like.  Way to take the thinking out of it Pandora!  I mean really, we are forced to think about every other little thing, why think about which music you like?  I kid.  Sort of.

This brings me to my new love: Malbec.  In this instance I refer not to the wine, but the band.  However, I do love me a nice glass of the wine, but let’s stay focused.  Just yesterday I came across a song I instantly loved and listened to on replay.   The song I speak of was presented to me while listening to my new Pandora favorite, the Freelance Whales station.  Talk about great ambient sounds.   I unfortunately can’t take credit for the Freelance Whales find, but I am in love with their songs Hannah, Generator 1st Floor, and StarringThis ultimately led me to Malbec’s The Visit.  Check ’em out and let me know what you think!

Now, here’s another tip.  Once you’ve figured out the awesome new music you can’t live without and can’t afford to buy all of, visit this free iTunes substitute to create playlists and hear more of what your new fav bands have to offer.

Happy almost weekend!

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