JTJ: Manilla Monday

It’s just another Manilla Monday.

If you’re anything like me and have a hard time keeping track of your boatload of bills, accounts, passwords and so on because you’re much, much too busy remembering all of the extremely important and hardly important things you need to do for your boss or company, and have a self-diagnosed case of A.D.D. to boot, then this is the site for you!  It’s called Manilla, like the folder or envelope,  and it houses all of your super-forgettable stuff in one place.

Genius.   One log in, one site, and BAM.  Just today I linked all of my bank accounts, credit cards, student loans, home utilities, cell phone bill, and travel and reward accounts so now I’ll never miss a due date or double pay a bill (because I forgot I paid it already) again.  Manilla even stores your account statements and sends you reminders when it’s time to pay bills or messages from the companies you link to your account.  It’s like your own free, secure and reliable assistant with bank-level security.  Not to mention it doesn’t talk back or miss deadlines.


Click here to sign up for a Manilla account today!

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