JTJ: Move Over OpenTable

Three words: discount shopping sites.  Thank you economy for giving us unlimited reasons to be online even more than when we first learned of Facebook and Twitter.  It’s unbelievable, a new shopping site pops up daily.  From Groupon to Swirl to Hautelook to Living Social, the list seems to be endless.  It’s starting to feel like these sites are my friends I get so many freaking emails every day.  You can even add the apps to your phone or tablet for even easier access to deals.  I almost want to hold a contest to see who can find something that isn’t sold online yet at all OR at a discounted price.

Any who, I happened to stumble upon a site that I am happy to put my stamp of approval on.  Ready for this?  It’s the discount version of OpenTable!  Savored.com, formerly VillageVines, brings you access to members-only pricing at the most popular restaurants across the US.  A) I love all things exclusive and B) who pays full price for anything at this point?  It’s about time we eat at a discount too, and don’t have to keep up with daily deals that eventually expire or are no longer available online.   Groupon and Bloomspot I’m talking to you (not that I love you any less).  Basically with Savored, you make a reservation for a mere $10 booking fee at one of Savored’s restaurant partners and instantly receive 30% off your entire bill!  No fine print or annoying paper coupons.  You can change or cancel your reservation up to two hours before your reservation AND if the applied discount somehow winds up less than your $10 booking fee, they’ll refund the price of your reservation.   I know!!

Click here to start savoring.

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