JTJ: Thrifty Thursday

Food trucks, friends, and photography oh my!

Come meet me at Melrose Night, a monthly gathering of the best food trucks, store discounts, and exhibits LA has to offer.  Let’s create our very own buffet and share something from each of the popular food trucks lining Melrose Ave.   I know, total fat kid at heart, but hey – it’s just being economical.  Or so I tell myself.

Then, once we’ve digested our delicious feast, let’s take a stroll and visit the many shops that stay open late offering special in-store promotions.  Leave it to me to sniff out a deal and dine at the same time.

And finally, let’s check out the opening night of Atticus’ Inspiring Photographs collection before heading to a nearby bar to catch up with friends.

Melrose Night takes place the first Thursday of each month, and is located between Ogden and Stanley on Melrose.  Nearest landmark?  My favorite, Urban Outfitters.  Click here for a list of tonight’s participating food trucks and stores, and be sure to check back every month for the latest in Melrose Night promotions.

See you on the street!

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