JTJ: Slow Children Crossing

Hey everyone!  If you’re looking for a fun and FREE way to start your weekend, join me tonight at the Comedy Central Stage at The Hudson Theater for Robotic Chocolate: The ReMix, featuring LA’s hottest sketch comedy troupe, Slow Children Crossing.  How could you pass this show up with an inappropriately amazing name like that?  The talented SCC troupe provides a fast-paced rollercoaster ride of never-ending laughs!  Seriously, folks.  With their assortment of high and low brow, political, satirical, scatological, and musical humor, you’ll find yourself laughing even after you’ve left the show.   Who knows, even you too may appear slow at that point.

If you are the “too soon” type and giggle during sex-ed than this is the show for you.  Reserve your free tickets now at (323) 960-5519!

Click here for more information on the cast and show dates.

Robotic Chocolate: The ReMix
Thursday Sept 22nd  @ 8pm
Comedy Central Stage at The Hudson Theater
6539 Santa Monica Blvd
LA, CA 90038

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