A St. Tropez Summer

Summer is quickly approaching and that means two things.  1.  It’s time to kick it into high gear at the gym, and 2. you need a pre-tan base of course before showing off your amazing bod in scantily clad attire. Enter tanorexia.

“Tanorexia: the term often used to describe a condition in which a person participates in excessive outdoor sun tanning or excessive use of other skin tanning methods (such as tanning beds) to achieve a darker skin complexion because they perceive themselves as unacceptably pale. The syndrome is different than tanning addiction, although both may fit into the same syndrome and can be considered a subset of tanning addiction.” (Wikipedia.com)

Now if you’re like me and have added/buried a line item into your monthly budget for a tanning membership, it’s time to remove it and your chances of that little (big) thing we call skin cancer.  You heard me fellow tanorexics!  Call and cancel it, because I’ve found a solution that helps you save a few bucks now and later on much-needed medical treatments…and you still get to keep your tan.  Hey now!

Remember that handy drugstore website I shared with you just a post ago?  (If not, now would be the time to read it.)  Well, they sell quite the nifty yet seemingly expensive St. Tropez tanning lotion.  Now, alone this product may seem as though it’s an unnecessary luxury item.  But in comparison to your monthly skin cancer membership, spending say $20-40/month, it’s a steal.  For all intents and purposes, let’s assume you tan a few times a week, or would like to at least.  Or, weeks go by where you don’t even use your membership at all.  Here’s where the fun happens.  One bottle of St. Tropez Everyday Gradual Moisturizer/Tanner costs a mere $30, qualifies for free shipping, earns you 5% cash back toward future purchases on our new fav site, doesn’t stink or stain and can be applied at your leisure completely sans streak.  And again, if you’re like me and have fallen victim to the infamous “bunny tail” (caused by frequenting lay down tanning beds), you will now no longer have that silly looking spot on your butt from being pressed up against the glass.  Yes folks, that happens.

Moral of the story: save some money, save your skin, and save your friends the embarrassment of being seen with someone who resembles Magda.

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