Billboard Bang for your Buck

Recently I discovered how easy it is to spend invisible money on iTunes in one sitting.  I mean really, without knowing it, or choosing to pretend the songs didn’t cost a thang, I purchased $26 worth of songs like it was nothin’.  And then it hit me, why would I continue spending money on music?  No, no.  Not that I mean to steal it.  I may be many things (Jewish), but I am not unethical.  Of course I’d pay for it, but pay for it smartly guys!  Jeez.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Spotify is a new music application that’s essentially the love-child of iTunes and Pandora and it’s FREE!  Spotify will literally change your life.  Consider this, unlimited music streaming ALL DAY LONG on your computer.  Now, for a measly ten bucks a month, you can have that same never-ending bank of unlimited tunes on not only your computer, but your phone too.  And you can play your beloved playlists offline, just as you would if you purchased songs from iTunes and had them readily available to you whenever you so chose, ad-free.  Yea, by now you’re doing the math.  That’s $120 for the year, for UNLIMITED songs.  Not 30, not 50, not even 100.  Unlimited songs yo!  Gym, car, party.  You name it, you’ll have your rad playlists wherever you and your digital appendage go.

This brings us to the Billboard Music Awards this Sunday.  Now you’re probably wondering how the Billboard Music Awards have anything to do with being budget friendly.  Time for some more math.  Let’s say you are a music fiend like me and want to purchase and download all of the nominees’ songs.  That’s over 40 categories with five nominees in each, hello! We’re now at at least 200 nominees, but what if you want to hear a whole album or even just a couple of an artists’ songs?  Wowza.  At this point, if you weren’t already, you’re probably singing a different tune.  Pun completely intended.

And here, kind Growing Up Golden readers, I give you a complete Billboard Music Awards Spotify playlist.  Give your ears the party they deserve.

Happy listening!

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