Jenifer Golden is a force both on-camera and off but her success didn’t come easily.  She is an inspiration to people, both young and old as she reveals intimate details about her life, being cut off by her parents due to financial hardships, as well as picking up the pieces and not only supporting herself, but living the life she wants…on a budget.  As a writer, actress, host and self-professed goof, Jenifer’s blog and online videos have put her on the map as one to watch.
Jenifer was born in Miami Beach, Florida.  Her love affair with hosting began before she even attended school – interviewing her nanny, as well as characters she would play herself.  This began a grade school long career of MC’ing and narrating school shows, and performing in community theater with her parents. After attending Dr. Michael M. Krop High School’s theater magnet program, Jenifer attended the University of Miami, where she received a B.S. in Broadcast Journalism and B.A. in Theater Arts. While in attendance, Jenifer co-anchored UMTV’s Newsvision and covered a number of stories related to the school, news, and entertainment. In addition, Jenifer was a production assistant for NBC’s coverage of the US Presidential Debate, and Dateline special on teens and sex.  The Miami-native’s ambition brought her straight to Los Angeles where she joined enrolled in improv classes at The Second City Training Center, performed in the 8-week run of “Me! An Ensemble Comedy,” and graduated from the conservatory.
Currently you can watch Jenifer as on-air co-host for many of AfterBuzzTV’s aftershows, her YouTube channel, Two Drunk Girls TV, as well as listen to her on her radio show, It’s Complicated.

Her online videos include featured sketches on Funny or Die, YouTube Buzzfeed.com and CollegeHumor.com.

Some of Jenifer’s charity work includes Dogs Without Borders, the Jewish Federation, and the Nancy Davis Foundation for Multiple Sclerosis.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Jenifer: Sounds like you are just being introduced to Dennis Prager. He had been my most important mentor of my adult life. BTW, he is not a rabbi. I first heard him in 1987 give the speech “The intellectual case for Judaism”. It changed my life. I had been a committed secular Jew, but was uncomfortable with the idea that if someone was to ask me what it meant to be a Jew my answer would have been ” I just know I am not a goy”. My world view has been so shaped by his thinking that I am sometimes embarrassed, but so be it, he is just so rational.
    Living in LA, I’d recommend you start listening to his radio talk show on KRLA everyday. His politics may be a little too conservative for you, but he talks more than just politics. As much as when he does talk religion and communicated Jewish ethics/holiness to me through the years, his understanding of the world is where I think his credibility lies.
    I think these blogs are good as mirrors on one’s mind. I have written a series of articles for my dental fraternity. If you are interested, I love some feedback.
    Be well, and good luck with the growth process.

  2. nice about me, are you pondering that you haven’t red meat since 6th grade or you feel proud?

    By the way nice header i.e. Golden color egg 😛

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