Difficulty with Differences

Everyone is different in some way be it their ethnicity, sex, hair color, height, language, the list goes on and on.  These are things we learn to accept about each other and obviously have our preferences for what we like about another person and are attracted to.  And even though we know people really are different from one another, we still get annoyed when someone … Continue reading Difficulty with Differences

R.I.P. DJ A.M.

DJ A.M. died.  Another young person to add to the unfortunately growing list of people that have died this year.  It’s amazing how many people are mourning his death.  Be it via Twitter, or Facebook, or Blackberry Messenger statuses, people are expressing their sadness.  People that never even knew him. How did we grieve publicly before social networking?  One thing about living in Los Angeles … Continue reading R.I.P. DJ A.M.

When things stop being served on a golden platter…

When your family decides to invest in the real estate market in Miami right before it becomes crane city and 30 new high rises go up, it seems like a good idea.  Again, hindsight.  This is where the theoretical golden platter comes in, or in my case…out.  All of my former luxuries like my parents paying my credit cards, bills, and student loans quickly became … Continue reading When things stop being served on a golden platter…

Parents are people too…I guess.

When you are young, you see your parents as God-like.  They feed you, clothe you, give you shelter and love.  They know everything and have all of the answers.  They teach you and are always there for you.  This view of course changes as you grow up and realize that they are people too, not just parents.  My parents, for example, have been married almost … Continue reading Parents are people too…I guess.