The Sundance Shore

Now that I have fully recovered from my adventures at the Sundance Shore (clearly we were all very into the Jersey Shore and it made its way into many things following the finale), amongst other things I encountered when I returned back to LA, here is the complete rundown.  After surviving my flight to Salt Lake City that got struck by lightening mid-flight, I knew … Continue reading The Sundance Shore

Sundance, here I come!

If you are missing the festival this year, fear not!  I will be covering all of the events from the inside.  Even though the weather is supposed to be ridiculously low compared to prior years, I will bundle up and head out to bring you all of the scoop on the parties, gifting suites, celebrity sightings and of course the main reason we flock to … Continue reading Sundance, here I come!

Wing-Woman to the Rescue!

A “Wing-Woman” might as well be considered a living, breathing superhero because of the magic powers she possesses.  She is now a common staple amongst groups of guys and serves a very particular purpose, attracting other girls.  Yes, this may sound strange considering how catty females tend to be, but her presence alone improves a guy’s stock by leaps and bounds.  Why you might ask?  … Continue reading Wing-Woman to the Rescue!