Don’t hate the player, hate the gang.

I realize peer pressure is a tough thing to navigate around, but just say no to gang-hating. You know when your significant other, friend or relative has an altercation with someone or break-up and instantly rallies the troops for a hate fest?  Well that’s when you decide if you want to join the gang to fight that person’s cause, or remain impartial because after all, … Continue reading Don’t hate the player, hate the gang.

Nice meeting you…again

You’ve either been on the giving or receiving end of this…the re-introduction. Some call it “Big Leaguing,” I call it just plain rude. There is nothing more insulting than someone forgetting they’ve met you before, especially if it happens repeatedly with the same person.  Seriously baffling to me.  Forgetting a name is forgivable but having ever met someone?  Come on!  What is it, you know … Continue reading Nice meeting you…again

Watch Out Now!

Although I am usually all for taking into consideration your friends’ opinions about things, there are certain times when it just might not be the best idea.  I’m referring specifically to their recommendations and warnings when it comes to dating. Regardless of which way they advise, now there is intrigue because you’re basically being told not to touch the red button.  There is a 50-50 … Continue reading Watch Out Now!

Dating for Dummies and Not-So-Dummies

Here are a few things I have learned from my own relationships as well as my friends’.  These things might seem obvious, however they tend to be forgotten while in the thick of it.  You may not agree with all of them, or any of them, but these are things I’ve picked up along the way and thought I’d share. If it isn’t working in … Continue reading Dating for Dummies and Not-So-Dummies

Renewed Religion…Really?

I have never been religious by any means.  Not even close.  I have always felt Jewish though and connected with other Jewish people, but could never really pinpoint what I was feeling.  I was Bat Mitzvahed and have celebrated the major Jewish holidays every year since I was born.  But it never mattered much to me because I was born Jewish and knew that I … Continue reading Renewed Religion…Really?

Class Dismissed

“You can pay for school but you can’t buy class.” – Jay-Z Wake up Mr. West.  Were you dreaming when you thought it would be a good idea to run onstage at MTV’s Video Music Awards and interrupt first time winner, Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for Best Female Pop Video?  What other excuse could you have for that behavior if not because you were literally … Continue reading Class Dismissed