Welcome back to Growing Up Golden self and hello readers!  Yea, I disappeared, I know.  But hey, I'm back!  Whilst on my very extended hiatus, it occurred to both my bestiekins and I that I am neglecting my readers of some valuable knowledge I possess and it would be a crime to keep it from … Continue reading JTJ

Budget Beach Day

It’s no surprise I would try and fance up a beach day to the best of my ability.  When you have limited funds for vacations, your best bet – and mine, is to plan staycations.  This past Saturday was the first of many to come. I set my sights on Paradise Cove in Malibu and … Continue reading Budget Beach Day

An American in Israel

To the left, we have the human map of Israel.  Moi.  Day one of my trip and I was already volunteering and up to my usual antics.  However that was the only thing that remained usual in those 10 days I spent across the globe. Whether it was because I had done little research on … Continue reading An American in Israel

Operation Summer Vacation

I, like many people, can not imagine summer, my favorite season, without a summer vacation.  I don't think I've gone one summer without going at least somewhere, even if that somewhere was nearby.  Of course finances come into play and without necessary means, vacationary options are limited. In all my years on this planet I … Continue reading Operation Summer Vacation

Warning: Animal has escaped from the zoo and is disguised…

...as a MAN. Here's some background. My friend basically swore off dating for 2010, but went out with this guy one night to get it over with since he had asked her to hang out a few times before that. She had no expectations and really wasn't in the mood to go have drinks with … Continue reading Warning: Animal has escaped from the zoo and is disguised…

The Sundance Shore

Now that I have fully recovered from my adventures at the Sundance Shore (clearly we were all very into the Jersey Shore and it made its way into many things following the finale), amongst other things I encountered when I returned back to LA, here is the complete rundown.  After surviving my flight to Salt … Continue reading The Sundance Shore

Sundance, here I come!

If you are missing the festival this year, fear not!  I will be covering all of the events from the inside.  Even though the weather is supposed to be ridiculously low compared to prior years, I will bundle up and head out to bring you all of the scoop on the parties, gifting suites, celebrity … Continue reading Sundance, here I come!