You Can Call this a Comeback

With the end of the year approaching I'm suddenly inspired to reflect on 2015, take inventory of the positive, find solutions to the negative and ultimately decide what I want to bring with me into 2016.  One of the things I want to bring with me is this very blog. Hey blog, missed ya! And … Continue reading You Can Call this a Comeback

It’s Closing Time

What happens when one of the guys reenters the dating scene after a long-term relationship break up?  Well it's survival of the fittest of course and he's got to learn the new tricks of the trade to stay in the game... Brett Gursky's short film, Closing Time, will be screening tomorrow at the HollyShorts Film … Continue reading It’s Closing Time

JTJ: Manilla Monday

It's just another Manilla Monday. If you're anything like me and have a hard time keeping track of your boatload of bills, accounts, passwords and so on because you're much, much too busy remembering all of the extremely important and hardly important things you need to do for your boss or company, and have a … Continue reading JTJ: Manilla Monday


Welcome back to Growing Up Golden self and hello readers!  Yea, I disappeared, I know.  But hey, I'm back!  Whilst on my very extended hiatus, it occurred to both my bestiekins and I that I am neglecting my readers of some valuable knowledge I possess and it would be a crime to keep it from … Continue reading JTJ

The Race is on!

Hey there readers! In case you're wondering, "What good could I do in the month of May?"   The answer is easy.   Purchase a shiny, aromatic bag of Don Francisco's Coffee limited edition "Blend to Erase MS."   Now you may ask, "How does a bag of coffee help me do good?"  Well, I shall tell … Continue reading The Race is on!

Four Loko, the new roofie.

Four Loko, the most talked about alternative to roofies, is now being banned by the Food and Drug Administration and has 15 days to create a plan to remove the caffeine from the product…or remove them from store shelves.   Is anyone surprised?    Check out the video below for some Four Loko fun. Click here for … Continue reading Four Loko, the new roofie.

Left With A Bad “Taste”

I know I can't be the only one who is tired of the fact that "reality" programming does not represent real life.  Well, as you may have read in the post prior to this one, my friend Brett Gursky recently competed in's reality competition web series The Tastemaker.  However, much to my dismay - … Continue reading Left With A Bad “Taste”

Spa Saturday

On my continued search for all things fun, I decided that after a fairly rough week at work I would attempt to create an at-home spa environment as another attempt at evoking those feelings you would have while on vacation. I did it all.  Leisurely bath not without lavender salt scrub, followed by my Ahava … Continue reading Spa Saturday

Eyes up here, thanks.

Have you noticed that over the years you've been seeing a lot more of people's eyelids?  Way back when, you'd never see a guy's eyelids unless they were sleeping or for those females out there, if they were staring at your chest.  You'd see a female's eyelids because she uses eye shadow and other eye … Continue reading Eyes up here, thanks.

To waste time or not to waste time…

I recently had a conversation that led me to question when it's considered wasting time by being in a relationship.  By "waste time" I strictly mean having no future.  This issue came up while I was talking with a friend of mine.  I simply said he was too old to be putting in so much … Continue reading To waste time or not to waste time…