Holiday Series Part Deux: Santa Baby

You’ve recently started dating someone and so far so good.  Then the holidays roll around and regardless of whether or not you’ve been an awfully good girl, or boy, all kinds of awkwardness comes up.  How many dates constitutes the necessity for a gift?  What gift, if any, is appropriate?  How much do you spend?  Do you agree upon a spending limit?  What if you … Continue reading Holiday Series Part Deux: Santa Baby

Wishing everyone the best this holiday season…

May you appreciate and be appreciated.  No need to stop after Thanksgiving.  Keep it going. May you be surrounded by love and friendship.   Give an extra hug, have a little bit more patience, and remember it’s the thought that counts.  Also, mistletoe.  Find it. May you allow yourself seconds of dinner AND  dessert.  Maybe even have dessert for breakfast.  Why not? May you try something … Continue reading Wishing everyone the best this holiday season…

Difficulty with Differences

Everyone is different in some way be it their ethnicity, sex, hair color, height, language, the list goes on and on.  These are things we learn to accept about each other and obviously have our preferences for what we like about another person and are attracted to.  And even though we know people really are different from one another, we still get annoyed when someone … Continue reading Difficulty with Differences

Pseudos…Every girl should have one.

By Pseudo, I mean pseudo-boyfriend.  Basically, a platonic male friend that does all of the same stuff with you as a normal boyfriend would, sans physical relations.   This then brings up the age old question, can boys and girls really be friends?  Yes, they most certainly can.  Maybe it’s that you are not each others type or dated and then realized you’d be better as … Continue reading Pseudos…Every girl should have one.