Lemonade For Life!

This past Friday night, I visited a special lemonade stand.   Yes, that is what I did on my Friday night and for a good cause.   My longtime friend, Brett Gursky, is a finalist on MSN.com’s Tastemaker competition show, ala The Apprentice but for the socially inclined.   Brett was given the challenge of directing and producing a fashion show for fashion week that tied in a charity.  Whoever raised more would naturally win.  However, at some point throughout this final challenge, the cause became greater than the outcome of the show.   Brett chose Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, an organization he had followed closely over the years and therefore became very invested in its success.   Seamlessly Brett integrated the charity’s own Lemonade Stand serving actual lemonade into the fashion show featuring the edgy and sexy designs by Donna Mizani and soundtrack by DJ Savi.  (click here to watch the show)

For those that don’t know, Alex’s Lemonade Stand was founded by a four-year-old girl named Alexandra Scott who was diagnosed with childhood cancer before her first birthday.   Her simple yet monumental plan was to raise funds for doctors cancer research and someday a cure.  When Alex passed away at the age of eight, her stand and foundation raised over $1 million dollars.  Now, in the organization’s 10th year, it has raised over $35 million dollars that have since created 150 research projects, a travel program to help support the families of children receiving treatment, and developed resources to help people all over whom have dealt with and been affected by childhood cancer.

Help turn lemon’s into lemonade by donating $1 (or more) to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation.

To learn more about Alex or the foundation go to www.alexslemonade.org, and to catch the final episodes of MSN’s Tastemaker to find out who wins, go to http://tastemaker.msn.com.

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