Drugstore Delivery

Behold…your days of toiletry and beauty shopping in-store are over.  How is that possible you may ask?  Or even retort with, “been there done that.”  Well, if you’ve never online shopped for these items, or if you have but don’t get cash back and free samples, I share with you my new favorite website, http://www.drugstore.com.  It’s an oh-so-convenient combo of CVS, Sephora and GNC and is beyond fabulous.  Literally, “two sites, one shopping bag” offering over 60,000 products ranging from shaving cream, to high end makeup, to prescriptions, to contact lenses.  With each order, you get 5% back to use on a future order, and your receipt with cash back comes in the form of an email – not a pesky hard receipt which you’re bound to lose or toss accidentally in a frantic spring cleaning session.  Oops.  And to top it off, you get free shipping on orders over $25!  After a thing of toilet paper, some tooth paste, and shower gel, you’re bound to reach the minimum.  I know, I die too.

So let’s recount the basics, you’re rewarded for shopping for things you’d normally buy anyway, your stuff shows up right on your doorstep, you get money back, and you get awesome free samples of things you’d actually use.  I’d say it’s a pretty win-win situation, wouldn’t you?

Happy shopping!

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